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Truck Wreckers Hawke’s Bay: Truck Wrecker NZ is a leading Truck Wreckers & Cash for Trucks Removal Company serving Hawke’s Bay and nearby areas.

Cash for Trucks Removal Hawke’s Bay

We provide fast, hassle-free removal of unwanted trucks & commercial vehicles throughout New Zealand. Our customer care executives are trained truck removals expert that will help you with every step of the unwanted or used truck removal process. We can answer any questions you have in order to sell your truck for cash. Call us at 0800997000

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Truck wreckers Hawke’s Bay

Any Makes and Models of Truck, Any Condition, Any Size & Any Age

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Cash Paid Up to $12000 – New Zealand

Truck Wreckers Hawke’s Bay: We buy Wrecked, Broken, De-registered, Accident, Scrap, Non-Running, Used, No WOF, No Rego and Damaged Truck. We help you Free up your driveway and have your unwanted vehicle towed away for free! We Buy Used Truck Any Make, Any Model, Any Year, Any Size, Any Condition, Running or Not. Paying Cash for Trucks: All Males/Models of Truck in Any Condition. Call us at 0800997000
We will come to your place and pick up your unwanted truck for you. Get Cash For Trucks with any Mechanical Problems, Transmission Issue, Blown Engine, No WOF, No Registration we offer Top Dollar for your unwanted trucks or commercial vehicle. Call us at 0800997000

Cash for Trucks Hawke’s Bay

 No other auto recycling service in Hawke’s Bay offers the same level of fast service and top cash for unwanted trucks like Truck Wrecker NZ. If you want immediate cash for your trucks or commercial vehicle then you’ll love doing business with us:


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In fact, when you contact Truck Wrecker NZ, we pay you cash for your unwanted trucks!

We work in every area around Hawke’s Bay, offering cash for the wreck and unwanted trucks that are at the end of their lifespan. A vehicle can only be useful for so long before its time to retire it. Instead of disposing of the vehicle to sit and rust in a junkyard, contact us and let us come take the unwanted trucks off your hands. We pay top dollar and give you cash on the spot for your trucks.

Vehicles that sit and are left to sit and waste away create a lot of potential problems not only for the owner but for the surrounding community. Likewise, ‘junk trucks’ that are still operating on the road can create additional issues. The laundry list of problems is extensive – here’s just a taste of some of the issues of turning down unwanted truck removal and getting cash for the unwanted truck.

  • Poor Emissions
  • Excessive Use of Fuel
  • Costly Upkeep
  • Expensive or Difficult to Find Parts
  • Chemical/Fluid Leaks (Environmental Hazards)
  • Unsightly
  • Unsafe for Travel
  • Target for Vandalism

Likewise, thousands of vehicles are disposed of illegally every year while others sit and rot in junkyards. Those trucks contain limited natural resources and other materials that can be reused to not only make new vehicles but to produce other products. When you contact us to get cash for junk trucks you’re helping to rebuild a better world based on Green Technology, renewable energy and conservation of our limited natural resources. We’ve only got one planet and by calling us for cash for junk trucks we can work together to help lengthen the life of our land. Even if we just clean-up the Hawke’s Bay region through junk truck removal and recycling. We’re at least making a difference here at home. Hawke’s Bay Truck Removals and Truck Recycling is Our Specialty – Go Green & Earn some Cash Today! Call Today for Immediate and Free Scrap Truck Removals in Hawke’s Bay 0800997000

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