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Kenworth Truck Wreckers and Dismantlers – Sell My Trucks in New Zealand

As long as there have been trucks on the road, consumers have needed at some point during their driving lifetime to dispose of their cars, however selling a used Kenworth truck in New Zealand has been a stressful and risky business. That’s why we started “Cash for Trucks” program, which is fast, safe and fair way to sell your trucks anywhere in New Zealand. We will buy your used truck within 30 minutes, GUARANTEED!!!!!

How do we do it? After answering a few simple questions about your truck or commercial vehicle, you’ll get your FREE, no-obligation valuation. If you’re happy with it, simply book an appointment at your place or at our branch. Then, we’ll take the truck off your hands, and pay you cash.

We buy Kenworth trucks in any condition and size

  • Hassle free, we come to you or you come to us
  • No need to advertise or trade in
  • Avoid curbsiders and difficult buyers
  • We will buy your vehicle for cash “AS IS”, dead or alive, no WOF and no Rego required.
  • Instant cash on the spot
  • We take-off the truck from your property for free.

Wrecking Now: Kenworth Trucks and Buses Models

Kenworth Trucks: T600, T604, T650, W925, T900, T904, T908, T950, T350,T400/ T401/404S/T404ST/404SAR, K124, K100E, K100G, K104G, K104B, (COE) and C500, C510, C540
Kenworth Buses: BU series, KHC series, K & W series, T & C series

Sell Your Truck for Cash – Sell My Truck – Instant Cash up to $12000

So if you’re asking yourself “what’s the best way to sell my truck in New Zealand?” you know just where to come. We are committed to offering all our customers the best possible customer experience. For a quick and “AS IS” condition hassle-free sale with instant cash sell your truck to us! Just feel free to contact us on 0800 99 70 00 one of our team who are always happy to assist you through the process.

Save money with quality new and used truck parts!

Truck Wreckers NZ specialize in dismantling late model truck and all parts are inspected and tested. We have been in business for over decade and is a competitive force in the Heavy Duty industry.

We carry a large selection of used, surplus & aftermarket heavy truck parts; and if we don’t have it, we’ll FIND IT!

We specialize in engines, transmissions, and differentials for all Japanese, Australian, European, American and other makes and models of light to heavy trucks, and some heavy pickup trucks and vans. Our inventory also includes some new after-market engine and body parts.

Please contact us or call 0800 99 70 00 for the most up-to-date information on our parts and trucks.

Mack Truck Wreckers and Dismantlers

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